We know how the saying goes about early to bed and early to rise, and if we’ve learned anything in recent months, it’s that we’ve all had to throw our schedules out the window. I still find that rising as early as I can helps me crank out my best stuff. I’ve also finally gotten to a place where my mornings really flow (thank you quarantine for parking me in one place long enough to establish a routine). 

Here’s what I’ve found lead to not only my most productive mornings but my most productive days in general. 

  1. Start the night before. When I’m in super planning mode, I actually choose my outfits for an entire week on Sunday evenings. Waking up and not having to spend one moment thinking about what to wear really saves so much time. I love fashion and style, so I’m not willing to give up this creative indulgence and opt for a monochromatic wardrobe, so my weekend styling session allows me to both indulge and save time. Bonus points for also laying out all workout gear too.
  1. Allow 20 minutes for flow.  One of my favorite pilates instructors gave me this great advice. I used to obsess about meditating. I couldn’t figure out how to get in the grove. She advised me to just do it in bed. Such life-changing advice! Now when I wake up, I take 20 minutes to flow. Some mornings it’s meditation, others it’s prayer or visualization. It’s my sacred 20. 
  2. Listen for 5. I listen to so many motivational speakers, pastors, gurus. I’m currently participating in a manifesting challenge, so I listen to the 5-minute mini-sermon each morning. Some days it’s even a song. My absolute favorite indulgence is waking up and asking Alexa to play my global news roundup, starting with the BBC. I never knew that brushing my teeth could be so informative. 
  1. Practice your favorite ritual. For me, opening up my curtains and windows and making my coffee is my favorite morning ritual. When I am detoxing or cleansing, I replace the coffee with matcha, MUD/WTR or a strong chai. It’s normally the last quiet moment of my day, so I really take time to sit with my thoughts and get focused on the day ahead.
  1. Indulge one guilty pleasure. Trash TV? IG scrolling? US Weekly “Who Wore It Best?” Yes, please! I’m creative, so I indulge in any content that gets those juices flowing – and bonus points if it’s extra juicy. 

There you have it! I’d love to hear what practices you do each day that you love. And if you found any of these tips helpful, please drop me a line or leave a comment!

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One thought on “5 Secrets to a More Productive Morning

  1. Tina,
    Your first three steps are steps that make my day and week positive and productive. Since covid 19, however, my space has been invaded and my morning routine has crashed and burned. I couldn’t identify why things have been so off. I am going to make myself a priority and designate those first twenty minutes for quiet prayer and meditation.

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