In the beginning of 2021, many of us set goals and resolutions for ourselves. This is a wonderful way to start the year with intention and purpose. The first month of the year has ended, and we may start to evaluate our progress thus far. When progress is slow, it’s natural to feel disheartened, and you may even hear a little voice inside you say, “It’s pointless. I might as well give up now.”

I’m here to remind you that slow progress is still progress. If January didn’t go the way you expected, that’s okay. All success stories have hurdles and stumbling blocks – this is yours. Perhaps it’s time to assess what’s not working and restrategize.

In the last newsletter, I introduced you to the 4 stages of the Elevation Approach. Let’s begin with the Preparation stage. This is where we’ll iron out the important details. If things haven’t been going your way lately, and you’re feeling confused about your journey as a businesswoman, this acts as a good starting point to recalibrate your strategy and direction.

The first step is to define your WHY. Why do you want to launch a business? What do you hope to achieve? Perhaps it’s financial independence, creative freedom, or a better life for your family. Having a clear WHY in mind keeps you motivated and helps you sail through difficult times.

Reflecting on your HOW is equally important. If you’re currently working 9 to 5, how and when will you work on this side hustle? If you want to do research and create a product prototype, can you dedicate one to two hours a day to work on it? It will be challenging, but a product’s development stage is crucial.

Also, will you need help to create a prototype? Who can you reach out to for guidance? If you don’t personally know someone who can help, leverage on the power of social media. Connect with someone who is an authority in the industry and seek their guidance. Remember, you will never find answers for questions you don’t ask.

Reflecting on your WHY and HOW will set you on the right track towards developing a killer product.

Let’s soar,

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