Once you come up with your brand name, it’s a good idea to purchase the corresponding domain name for your company website. Yes, social media has been a game changer for entrepreneurs, connecting them to customers from all over the world. However, having a professional website offers a multitude of benefits.

Here’s why your business needs a website:

  • Having a website adds credibility to your business. According to an online survey by Verisign, 84% of consumers believe a business with a website is more credible than one with only a social media page.
  • Social media is powerful, but a website gives you more freedom in terms of design and process.
  • You can find new customers through Google. A well-designed website, optimized to be Google-friendly, equipped with an active blog, and an e-commerce store can drive traffic to your website and boost sales.
  • Your website can be used to showcase all your products/services along with reviews and testimonials.
  • Websites are a great platform to grow your mailing list and leverage on the power of email marketing. When someone lands on your website, you can offer them useful resources such as an e-book or newsletters in exchange for their email address. This mailing list can be a valuable asset to notify your tribe on any new promotions or product launches.

And the best part is, websites don’t cost you a bomb! Web hosting is pretty affordable nowadays. You can hire a freelance web designer within your budget to help you setup a website. Alternatively, you can create a website of your own through user-friendly platforms such as Wix.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to create the perfect website from the get-go. It’s all a work in progress. Start with what you can and improve on it over time. Perfect is the enemy of good and done!

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