There’s no denying that social media has completely changed the way we do business. As an entrepreneur, having a platform to engage with customers from all over the world is incredibly exciting!

With platforms like Instagram and Facebook, you can post brand updates and market special offers to your audience with just a few clicks, at zero cost. Social media is definitely a powerful tool that business owners should leverage to grow their business.

In honor of World Social Media Day on June 30th, here are my top tips for boosting your social media engagement:

1. Add a call to action.

Always end your social media posts with a call to action (CTA). CTA refers to something that you ask your audience to do, for e.g. like, comment and share. Remember, people are more likely to do something when you ask them to.

Here’s a quick tip: Ending your post with a question is a great way to kickstart a conversation in the comments section.

2. Create shareable content.

People are more likely to share your content if they find it personally helpful, inspiring or entertaining. Understanding the pain points and sensibilities of your audience goes a long way in creating high-value, shareable content for your socials.

3. Respond to comments and DMs.

Social media engagement goes both ways! To encourage your audience to engage with you, you need to be responsive. No one wants to get stuck in a one-sided relationship.

Taking the time to respond to comments and DMs tells your audience that you value them and encourages them to continue engaging with your brand.

4. Host giveaways and contests.

This is a great way to boost your engagement. Offer one of your best-selling products as a prize, and ask people to participate by taking certain actions such as sharing your post on their stories, or tagging their friends in the comments.

This gets people excited about your brand and boosts overall brand awareness.

5. Post regularly.

Posting content regularly on your socials is important. With the current social media algorithm, not everyone sees your latest post.

Posting regularly, say three times a week, as opposed to erratically once or twice a month when inspiration strikes, increases the chances of people seeing and interacting with your posts.

A good way to create content and post regularly is through content batching. Here’s how to batch your content for social media in one day.

Which tip are you going to try first? Do share in the comments below.

P.S. That was a CTA!

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