Here’s a fun fact for you: Every third Thursday of January, April, July and October is Get To Know Your Customers Day! Customers are the lifeline of any business, and this special day is our chance to get to know them better, so we can serve them better.

So this July 21st, be sure to do something special for your customers! Here are 3 ideas to celebrate Get To Know Your Customers Day:

  • Ask for feedback. Take the time to hear your customers out. Send your email list a questionnaire requesting for their honest feedback about your products and services. You never know, they might give you some valuable ideas that could help you grow your business! As an incentive, offer a reward such as discount codes or freebies to encourage them to respond.
  • Create a fun social media contest. Launch a contest to create some buzz and excitement! For instance, you could ask your customers to post a short video on how they like to use your products. You can repost the most creative entries on your social media page and give the winners an attractive prize. This encourages more engagement with your brand and plus, you’ll have a string of user generated content to post on your socials!
  • Create a customer loyalty program. If you don’t already have a loyalty program for your brand, this is a great time to launch one! Ask your customers to fill in a form with their name, birthday and email address to join. Here are some ideas for an enticing loyalty program:
    • Issue points with every purchase. When customers collect enough points, they can redeem a free gift.
    • Give special birthday month discounts.
    • Offer free shipping during the holiday season.

Customers appreciate being heard and rewarded for their patronage, and Get To Know Your Customers Day is the perfect time to do it!

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