Today is a really exciting day for me. I’ve been keeping a secret for months now, and I’m so excited to share my new book, The Elevation Approach: Harness the Power of Work-Life Harmony to Unlock Your Creativity, Cultivate Joy, and Reach Your Biggest Goals, hitting shelves on March 21, 2023 (and available for preorder NOW!)! 

This book started as a business course (thank you, Amy Porterfield), but then I started to think beyond business. When I’d share updates with friends about new projects I was working on, they’d inevitably share a story of something they were dreaming about that they couldn’t find time to start. 

It got me thinking about my process, and how I get ideas out of my head, down on paper, and lately, on shelves. I think we all have the ability to create. Some of us lean into it more than others. I needed a process to help me organize all of the things I want to do, so I created one. I didn’t want to sacrifice the important things in my life and it took me years to find a way to make it all work.

This brings me to the other big theme of this book. I don’t believe in work-life balance. That’s a myth. We will never be equal parts work and life, and we don’t even want to exist that way anymore. Employers are slowly waking up to this new reality.

I believe in work-life harmony. I may look like I have a big crazy life, but I promise it all works together. I’ve never felt more joyful or at ease in my life – ever. And I am busier than I’ve ever been. I’ve figured out this harmony secret, and in this book, I share how you can create this for yourself.

I am so fortunate to have a tribe of brilliant women who inspire me and friendtor me (more about that in the book!), and they’ve contributed some Instant Elevation that I know will enlighten and inspire you.

Michelle Morris, Evita Robinson, Sheneya Wilson, Hally Bayer, Carolyn Everson, Susan McPherson, Cindy Kent, Michele Promaulayko, Lauren Maillian, Kate Northrup, Tai Beauchamp, and Marcia Wells (yes, my GOAT Mom), thank you for sharing your wisdom.

To Stephanie Smith, the best collaborator I could ask for, thank you for helping me shape this book. This was quite the undertaking. I normally write fiction, which allows me to escape into other realities. This book is so much of my story and my hard-learned lessons. I am so grateful that you are the one I get to share this book-writing process with. You always find just the right words and I am forever grateful.

BIG thank you to Andy McNicol, Andre Des Rochers, and my brilliant team at Rodale. Bringing this book to life has really been a dream come true.

There is so much more to The Elevation Approach that I can’t wait to share. But I’ll leave you with a closing passage from the book:

 “This book is not about my expert advice for you. It’s about your becoming the expert on what matters most to you and creating more of that. It’s about giving you the opportunity to go through a process to gain clarity in the things that bring you harmony and to fill the precious hours of your life with more of those things.”

The Elevation Approach is available for preorder now wherever books are sold. 

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