As an entrepreneur involved in various creative pursuits, one of the questions I get asked most is this: “Do you ever sleep?”

And my answer is simple: “Yes, I do. At least seven and a half hours a night, non-negotiable.”

This hasn’t always been the case, though. I started my journey as an entrepreneur at the young age of sixteen, and back then, I was convinced that sleep was for the weak! Less sleep meant more time to hustle, right?

Wrong! As years went by, I experienced exhausting cycles of highs, lows, and burnout from my hectic, unsustainable work schedule. After a decade in the business, I finally realized that something had to give. If I kept going down this path, I would destroy myself and everything I worked so hard to build.

After some much needed reflection, I discovered that defining non-negotiables was an important part of achieving work-life harmony.

Work is always going to be there, but where do you draw the line? There’s always going to be another exciting project to take on, another creative venture to explore, new partnerships to forge, but do you have the mental and physical capacity to take on more?

Defining non-negotiables like getting seven hours of sleep, having dinner with your family every night, or meeting up with your girlfriends at least once a month helps you to carve out time for yourself. Without them, it’s easy to get lost in hustle culture and lose yourself in the process.

I admit, sticking to my non-negotiables was tough at first. I had to learn to let go and get better at delegating tasks, but by doing so, I’ve come out on the other end a better entrepreneur, daughter, sister, friend, and a happier person overall.

So, what are your non-negotiables? Reflect on what’s important to you and make it a priority.

Let’s soar,

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