I’m a strong believer that elevating your life helps you attract happiness and success. Whenever anyone tells me that they’re stuck in a slump or things aren’t quite working out the way they expected, this is my response: “It’s time to elevate your life!”

So, what does that actually mean? For me, elevating my life meant using my most scarce and precious resource – time – wisely.

This starts with setting the right goals that are worthy of my time and attention. Over the years, I developed strategies to set “elevated” goals that help me live my best life.

Here’s how to set goals that elevate your life:

Your goal should help you live a more joyous life.

This is the most important aspect of elevated goal setting. You need to choose goals that bring you closer to joy and harmony.

If you already have a ton on your work plate, setting new career-goals and piling on more onto this already full plate isn’t going to elevate your life. It’s only going to stress you out and push you to burnout!

Your goal should address something that is missing from your life.

Is there something you’d like to change in your life that would make you happier, lighter even? If work is stressing you out, perhaps it’s time to delegate and set more personal goals like taking a family vacation or joining a marathon.

If work has hit a bit of a slump, you could set career-based goals like seeking out a friend-tor (the perfect combination of friend and mentor) to learn from or joining a course to upskill yourself.

Choose a goal you want.

Choose a goal you actually want for yourself, not something society dictates you should be doing. If you’re working long hours and you feel drained, don’t feel pressured to set career-based goals like starting a new side hustle just because society says so.

Instead, you could set a goal to spend more time on your hobbies and connect with people who share similar interests. If you’re doing something solely because you have to, you’re bound to lose motivation sooner or later, so choose goals that actually excite you.

Use these tips as a guide to set your goals and elevate your life!

Let’s soar,

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