I’ve been waiting a long time for this moment. Today, I get to introduce you to my first collection for Target, Elevation by Tina Wells. I’m excited to tell you more, but first, in celebration of Black History Month, I want to tell you the story of how I got here.

I’m the eldest of six children, and I was raised in suburban New Jersey by two incredible parents who provided the foundation for the success all of my siblings have enjoyed in our careers. I have a sister who became a dean at forty years old, and a brother who had his first number-one hit song before thirty. 

We didn’t grow up rich, but we grew up understanding our history. My father was known for his Black History Month coloring books, which he made by hand for the six of us to celebrate it every year. Back in the ‘90s, we made fun of his creation. We groaned every February 1, saying “Here Dad goes with that coloring book again!”

But little did we understand how that coloring book would shape our lives. In its pages, I read stories about Dr. Charles R. Drew and Madam C. J. Walker. When I read Madam Walker’s story, I was encouraged by the idea that I could make money doing something I absolutely loved, even something others might even think was trite. Her story helped me lean into my creativity and set the stage for the work I’m doing now.

Most importantly, I learned that there’s value in equipping and inspiring others to live their best lives.

My dad modeled this lesson for us, too. He spent ten years working part-time at Target, many of those years working overnight, stocking the very shelves that will soon hold my product. It takes my breath away just writing those words. That’s the epitome of the American dream. And that’s the dream all of my ancestors dreamed for me, that I would be given the opportunity to live up to my fullest potential. This month, I celebrate all of the sacrifices my ancestors made to get me to this place. And I especially celebrate my parents and all of the sacrifices they made for me and my siblings. 

We know that there is still so much work to do, and through programs like REACH, which Target created to support founders like me, we’re making progress. This progress isn’t perfect, but it’s a step in the right direction. 

I hope this collection of home office products and stationery inspires you to elevate your life. My book The Elevation Approach, which will also be featured with this collection in stores, tells the story of my personal journey towards work-life harmony. Work-life balance is an antiquated idea, especially when what we really want is to create a life filled with all of the things we love. This collection focuses on equipping and inspiring you to bring that harmony to your home and your life instead.

I hope these items bring you joy, delight, and above all, inspiration. You can shop and preorder the entire collection now, at Target.com, and you can see it in stores on March 26, 2023. I can’t wait to visit the store with my dad. It will be the honor of my life to show him what his love and sacrifice for me and our family have created. 

In harmony, 

Tina Wells
Founder + Creative Director
Elevation by Tina Wells

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