Having an organized workspace is a small thing that makes a really big difference! A cluttered office can be stress-inducing and it makes finding the things you need challenging. An organized space, on the other hand, provides a calmer, more zen environment where you can focus on your work without distractions.

Here are 5 things under $10 from my new home office collection that’ll help you organize your workspace seamlessly.

1. Vegan Leather Tray

Having a tray on my desk has been game-changing, to say the least! Before this, my accessories, phone, and other small knick-knacks used to be scattered across my desk, and the clutter would stress me out. Now, my vegan leather tray holds all these items neatly in a corner, leaving my desktop clutter-free.

2. Vegan leather pen holder

I hate not being able to find a pen when inspiration strikes. Part of being organized includes keeping things that work together close to one another for easy access, which is why I absolutely adore my vegan leather pen holder. Just strap it onto your notebook and voila! You’ll always have a pen when you need it.

3. Printed file folders

Nothing stresses me out more than random papers strewn all across my desk, YIKES! File folders are a must-have for organizing and storing physical documents. This not only helps to keep my office tidy but allows me to easily locate any documents I may need. I love my printed file folders as they add a pop of color to my workspace!

4. Jotter notebook

I’ve always got to have a jotter pad on my desk to pen down important information and ideas. My jotter notebook comes with tear-away sheets, so you can even use it to write to-do lists or shopping lists, tear out the sheets and carry them along with you. Plus, it’s designed with a fun, vibrant terrazzo pattern and gold foil edges, so it definitely adds a sophisticated charm to your space.

5. Spiral notebook

No workspace is complete without a trusty notebook! Having a dedicated space to write down your weekly and monthly goals and track your progress can be very useful when working on big projects. Instead of jotting these things down all over the place, across various devices, I prefer to have a designated notebook for all my planning needs. With ample pages, my spiral notebook is the perfect companion as I work towards my goals.

Looking for more things to organize your workspace? Check out my new collection, Elevation by Tina Wells, which offers plenty of chic and elevated office stationery.

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