Nothing is more distracting than a cluttered workspace! A messy desk screams chaos to me and makes it impossible for me to focus on work. When I’m writing, clutter often distracts me and I end up sifting through papers and tidying up instead of working. Of course, it’s impossible to achieve zero-clutter at all times, but there’s got to be a way to manage the clutter and keep things organized, right?

That’s when I finally cracked the code to a clutter-free desk: trays. They’re the perfect tool to catch any loose items and keep them tucked away neatly in a corner instead of having the clutter consume your entire work surface. When I started working on my new home office line, I knew it had to include trays as well. Elevation by Tina Wells offers vegan leather trays that are perfect for holding your phone, accessories, letters and documents, so your deskspace (and headspace) is clear and ready for work.

We also offer smaller vegan leather valet trays in sets of 3, which are great for storing smaller items like thumbtacks, staples, and paperclips. On top of adding color and personality to your workspace, these valet trays keep things organized, allowing for quick access and preventing all these little knick-knacks from being scattered across your desk.

Having these trays on my desk have made a huge difference to the look and feel of my office space. If you’re looking for quick and affordable solutions to manage clutter in your workspace, our leather trays are definitely a must-have.

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