What I Do

I’m a business strategist who partners with entrepreneurs and WANTrepreneurs to help them launch their big idea. If that’s you, let’s work together.

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You can do this.

That idea that you’ve been thinking about for years can become reality. I know you’re busy with life’s many commitments, but there’s still space for you.

I’m committed to helping you launch your dream business. If you give me one month of your time, I can help you learn and master The Elevation Approach. I have tools to help you if you have 5, 15, or 30 minutes per day. We can totally get this done together. If you’re not ready for a course or private community just yet, check out my podcast and blog. Those resources can help you get started.

Here’s How I Can Help

My Expertise

Launch Plans

I’ve done this hundreds of times, and I am excited to help you.

Business Strategy

If you have a business and are experiencing challenges, I want to help.

Branded Content

Want to partner with me to create content? i can’t wait to chat.

Elevation Tribe

I believe in the power of peer learning, which is why I created Elevation Tribe.

At Elevation Tribe, we’re focused on helping you launch, grow, and lead businesses better. On our platform, you can read articles, join a private community, and sign up for our starter course to learn The Elevation Approach.

The Kinds Of Results You Can Expect

Finally feel confident in your plan. Master a process to bring your ideas to life. Manage your energy to stay refreshed and in the flow. Finally feel confident in your launches…

The Course

Once a year, I open the doors to a life-changing experience. If you’re caught in a cycle of dreaming big and failing to launch, this course is for you.

The Elevation Approach: The Ultimate 12-Step Blueprint to Help You Launch, Grow, and Lead Your Business is the course I’ve created to help you create with confidence. Beyond learning the process, you’ll connect with others on the same path

3X Her Last Launch

Tina changed my life. My whole damn life. I simply wouldn’t be where I am in my business if not for her.


I want to do this for you too. I’m excited to introduce you to The Elevation Approach, get you to launch, and equip and inspire you with a process you can use for the rest of your life.

It’s never too late
rebuild to rewrite your
future your heart or
reignite your dreams.

My Offerings

Not sure if you should launch? Download my free mini course to find out.

Give me an hour of your time and I think we’ll find out the answer together.


Let’s remember exactly how you felt in this moment, before you did the work to launch the business of your dreams. I promise you, you have what it takes to launch, grow, and lead the business of your dreams.