What do you do when you feel stuck or uninspired?

When I feel that way, I shift my focus towards one of my many sources of inspiration. Sometimes you need to focus on something else and gain a new perspective before you can go back to tackling the task at hand. Sources of inspiration are like electric shocks that can revive your creativity and inspire new ideas. It’s good to have a few in your back pocket for when you need it most.

Here are my go-to sources of inspiration:

  • Networking sites. Platforms such as LinkedIn are great for exchanging ideas and insights within your industry and other fields. Connecting with others and learning different perspectives opens our eyes to different ways of thinking, which can spark our creativity. Plus, you never know when you’ll stumble upon an incredible opportunity on these sites!
  • Notebooks. The human mind processes thousands of thoughts daily, some of which are ideas that pop into our heads at random times of the day. I’m a strong believer that we never lack ideas; we simply don’t remember them, which is why I always carry a mini notebook and pen wherever I go to jot down any ideas that come to mind. When I’m in need of some inspiration, I browse through my notebook and more often than not, I come across something that excites me and sparks my creative juices.
  • Audiobooks. I love listening to audiobooks! They’re such a convenient way to consume book content on-the-go. When I feel stuck, I like to go for a walk and listen to an audiobook. There’s something about being in nature and listening to a good book that really gets your creative juices flowing!

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