Email marketing is a popular buzzword in the world of marketing. Many entrepreneurs leverage their mailing lists to spread the word on new product launches and promotions. Sure, social media announcements are great, but nothing beats the personal touch of sending updates right into your customer’s inbox!

Growing your mailing list is the first step towards tapping into the power of email marketing. Here are 3 surefire ways to grow your mailing list:

1. Create valuable lead magnets. 

Lead magnets are freebies that you give people in exchange for their contact information. This acts as an incentive for users to sign up to your mailing list. 

Be creative with your lead magnet. It can be in the form of a checklist, e-book, workbook, webinar, or even a video tutorial. As long as your lead magnet offers valuable information that is helpful to your target audience, it will help you grow your email list.

2. Use pop-up forms on your website. 

Many businesses display signup forms in the sidebar or footer of their websites. This is alright, but these forms can easily be overlooked. 

Pair this with a pop-up form for higher conversion rates. For instance, you can introduce exit intent pop-ups. This is a pop-up that appears as users are about to leave your website, as a last ditch effort to encourage them to sign up with an attractive lead magnet or offer. Effective pop-ups can have a 9.28% conversion rate, so long as they don’t ruin user experience.

3. Leverage social media to increase signups. 

Don’t forget to leverage your social media accounts! Use your Instagram bio to attract new signups. For instance, your bio could read “Sign up for 10% off 👇” or “Sign up for a FREE 30-day workbook 👇” with a link to your landing page. 

Likewise, you can add a sign up button to your Facebook page. This helps you grow your mailing list not just through your website, but through social media as well.

So create a high-value lead magnet and start building your email list!

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